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re: App: Svercer

The application submitted by Svercer is as follows:

About you:

Real Name:
Jurica Bilic-Prcic



Can you understand and communicate fluently in english?:

Do you have any hobbies or other priorities that would prevent you from raiding/being on time?:
No I don't.

What you want to achieve in WoW?:
I want to achieve everything I can such as in PvE or PvP.

About Your Character:

Character Name:



Talent Build/Specialization (eg. Shadow/Brewmaster/Balance/Etc):

Please give us an explanation of how you use the skills and abilities of your class to its maximum potential during a boss fight (eg. Your rotation/CD usage etc):
First of all I start of with Arcane Shot to apply the debuff, then I go with murderer of crows, black arrow, explosive shot and barrage which I use as soon as available. I use multi shot instead of arcane shot when there are >2 targets. I also use md at the beginning of the fight, pre pot, etc. That is as simple as it gets.

Armory Link (Please make sure we can see your PVE gear):

Link a picture of your UI (Clearly showing keybinds etc..):

Previous Guild WCL/WOL Reports, if used:
Fairly new on Ragnaros but since I came here with my friends I have been in Croatian guild "default" and soon after my friends and I left to create our own guild "System."

Raiding Experience:

Previous raiding guilds (and realms)?:
As mentioned above I am fairly new here on Ragnaros. I started playing at the end of Vanilla and since then I mostly played Alliance on the Burning Legion, Lightbringer, Ravencrest. Guilds were "Fire of Dune," "Dark Deeds,' "Time is Mana," "Doomed," and more but I can't remember at the moment .

Tell us what raids you have previously experienced and to what extent (this includes vanilla/tbc/wotlk/cata/mop. please elaborate, dont just say you have cleared everything if you havn't, its not a trick question, we just like to get an idea):
Wasn't really raiding or doing anything serious in Vanilla because I was very young back then. In Tbc I started with Karazhan and finished with SWP (not killing Kil Jaden). In Wotlk I started with Naxx and ended with ICC 25 hc (not killing Arthas on hc 25 after wiping a month or so). In Cata I started with BWD and raided mostly normals and heroics until Deathwing when I decided to take a break. Break was until last 3 months of Pandaria or something like that so I didn't really raided much in MoP except lfr's to collect the back and heirlooms on Garosh. In WoD I started with Highmaul and I didn't really raided much of BRF due to guild breakdown and my friends living.

Additional Questions:

Explain why you want to join us and what you expect to get from us:
I want to join "Almost Famous" to start raiding again since I didn't have proper raid in last 2 weeks or so. I also want to join to progress a lot, have fun and meet some nice new people. I expect the dedicated team with will to conquer the content.

Other comments relating to your application that you think we might need to know:
I would like to point out that I have couple of alts. Junhao which is WW Monk and Vjeverica which is DK. I am applying to the guild with all of them. What I mean by that is if you need one of them in your roster then I can easily switch since I know how to play with each of them. Anyways if I can answer any of the questions regarding my application I will be more than happy to do so. I am looking forward to hear from you soon, thanks! :)


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re: APPROVED - App: Svercer - by MeladonAF


Thanks for the app, we'll discuss/post questions in the next few days.


Thanks for your patience.

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re: APPROVED - App: Svercer - by MeladonAF


We have decided to accept your application on a trial basis. Trials usually last for about 1-2 weeks.

Contact any of the officers ingame for an invite.

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