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99 problems, Iron maidens aren't 1

by MeladonAF, 862 days ago

After like 12 attempts we killed Iron Maidens (Fucking long encounter tho, took like 3 hours...)

WP guys. Be back soon for some more amazing pics that arent even edited and no puns.

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Blast Furnace down.

by MeladonAF, 865 days ago

After perhaps too many wipes, and our raiders understood the meaning of singletarget, we finally got him down. (I cba to do either puns nor editing on the pic.)

GJ lads.

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Foundry HC continues. Job done with hands (?)

by Fezza RAG, 867 days ago

First week of foundry continues strong. Kromog goes down somewhat un-eventfully. A few extra attempts on Monday also saw phase 2 of Blast Furnace, hopefully fast clearing the coming reset will mean even more kills for AF.

Kromog Flattened

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Foundry Begins.

by Fezza RAG, 872 days ago

Although a bit of a sloppy start, Oregorger and Gruul go down on first evening of heroic foundry. 4/5 loot disenchanted, might not be back for a while :P

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Spanking Rock's Bottom 4/7MT HM

by Fezza RAG, 876 days ago

On the 2nd pull of the evening shit got real. 1 dps 1 healer alive for the actual kill, with several people suiciding as they thought the fight was over. Followed by very serious tries on Butcher (4.8% lowest wipe)

(Apologies for the shit screenshot, forgot to zoom in for the SS :P I'll make up for it in foundry, I promise! )

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